Portrait Pricing & Info


Pricing begins at $350


COLLECTIONS AND A LA CART ITEMS ARE OFFERED. contact us for a full list of prices and offerings


Family Portraits. Newborn. Senior Portraits



+ What should we wear

Don't over think it. Everyone photographs better when they are comfortable with how they look so keep it casual.

It's better to be coheasive then to match. Think more in terms of color palettes - earth tones, pastels, cool colors - rather then everyone in blue, or lets all wear the same thing.

Dont forget about your feet. Often times we will be able to see your shoes so make sure they complement your outfit.

Do try to avoid crazy patterns and colors, big logos and text, and gym shoes.

+ How long is a family portrait session

Around and hour, or until the kids have just had enough.

+ Do you always shoot outside

It's always better when we can shoot outside. It allows for more variety and life in the photos. The kids can run around between some the moments where we need them looking at the camera, and many times, those inbetween pictures become your favorites.

+ How many pictures do we get

I shoot as many beautiful pictures of your family as I can. After the session, I go through and edit all of the best pictures for you. There are a number of packages you can choose from for all of your favoriate images.